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Moisture Boost Shampoo

VASSO Moisture Boost Shampoo cleanses and purifies the hair while maintains hair’s natural moisture balance. Enriched with Hyaluronic acid formula restores and rebalances moisture while improving the appearance of dry, fragile hair.

Moisture Seal Hair Butter

Special formulation of Vasso Moisture Seal Hair Butter provide fast penetration. Low molecular weight Hyaluronicacid create a local moisture barrier all around the shaft and provide long-lasting moisturization.

Moisture Light Hair Serum

VASSO Moisture Light Hair Serum quickly diffuses into the hair, locks in moisture and tames frizz and static thanks to its light formula that does not weigh the hair down.
460 ML
Aqua Therapy Moisture Light Dual Phase Conditioner

Moisture Light Dual Phase Conditioner

Vasso Moisture Light Dual Phase Conditioner’s special dual action leave-on formula instantly treats hair cuticle and increases the hair fiber resistance to mechanical and thermal stresses