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Densifying Shampoo

VASSO Densifying Shampoo’s SLS-Free & SLES-Free rich formula soothes and clarifies scalp and hair while restoring moisture, improving volume and manageability.
460 ML
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Volume Conditioner

VASSO Volume Hair Conditioner, instantly diffuses into hair and makes it soft and easy to comb. Its formula containing caffeine and arginine provides natural volume to fine, weak and dull hair by adding body to each strand without weighing down the hair.

Ultra Volume Hair Mask

Thanks to its Arginine and Caffeine for slender and delicate hair, Vasso Det-Oxygen Ultra Volume Mask increases the volume of the hair and helps to moisturize.
100 ML
Volume Infusion Hair Serum

Volume Infusion Hair Serum

Provides intensive treatment for thin and weak hair, giving it an amazing volume and making it styling easier thanks to its special formula by Arginine and Caffeine it calms the hair. Does not weigh the hair down.
175 ML
Densifying G elixir

Densifying G-elixir

VASSO Densifying G-Elixir is designed to give long-lasting fullness and volume to fine and limp hair.
80 ML
Root Energizer

Root Energizer

VASSO Root Energizer composed of a unique combination: glycine, plant extracts, caffeine, zinc and Arginine. This combination of multiple actives helps to activate hair follicle stem cells and promote hair follicle growth.