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Recovery Shampoo

VASSO Recovery Shampoo formulation with hydrolyzed keratin and caviar extract causes nourishing, revitalizing and cleaning hair without making any damages With its enriched formula, it leaves hair smooth, softer and radiant by improving the elasticity of hair.

Hair Care Conditioner

Thanks to its caviar extract content, Vasso Hair Conditioner makes the extremely damaged, weak and treated hair shiny and soft with its creamy formula. It helps tı restructure the outer layer of the hair as it contains keratin.

Restorative Cream Mask

VASSO Restorative Cream Mask is specially formulated for repairs, rejuvenates and deeply conditions damaged and over-processed hair.
100 ML
perfection hair serum 5324

Perfection Hair Serum

Perfection Serum repairies hair damage with Caviar Extract and Keratin amazing. It helps to protect against external factors also resistance while it provides moistures, intense shine and lightness.
175 ML
regenaration bb cream 3c32

Regenaration Bb Cream

VASSO Regeneration BB Cream is a unique hair treatment that transforms damaged, dull and coarse hair into silky soft, lustrous and vital in just 1 step.
80 ML
fiber fortify 9f06

Fiber Fortify

VASSO Fiber Fortify works on a molecular level to find broken bonds in the hair that are caused by external damage. The hair becomes voluminous and more resilience hair.

Color Balance Shampoo

VASSO Color Balance Shampoo gently cleanses hair while protects and prolongs the life of color. Thanks to amino acid complex it rebalances the pH level, tightens up the structure of hair and helps to prevent fading of color.

Color Defence Hair Mask

VASSO Color Defense Mask with its microemulsion technology allows hair to maintain its luminous and vivid color like the first day. Amino acid complex helps to protect hair from color fading.
460 ML
2 phase conditioner 1e0c

2 Phase Conditioner

VASSO 2-Phase Hair Conditioner's rich, double effect leave-on formula diffuses into the treated hair and makes it soft and easy to comb.
175 ML
multi glow serum 83f4

Multi Glow Serum

VASSO Multi Glow Serum has a lightweight formula that protects your hair color and gives an ultimate shine reflection without any build up. Silk protein leaves hair smooth and silky soft by eliminating frizz.

Moisture Boost Shampoo

VASSO Moisture Boost Shampoo cleanses and purifies the hair while maintains hair’s natural moisture balance. Enriched with Hyaluronic acid formula restores and rebalances moisture while improving the appearance of dry, fragile hair.

Moisture Seal Hair Butter

Special formulation of Vasso Moisture Seal Hair Butter provide fast penetration. Low molecular weight Hyaluronicacid create a local moisture barrier all around the shaft and provide long-lasting moisturization.